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Humanitarian support for Ukraine

Since 24th February, we provide direct humanitarian support to Ukrainian families. With financial contributions from the WeAreBrain founders and a fundraiser on Steunactie.nl, we currently provide ongoing, direct, and personalised support to 42 Ukrainian families with a total of more than 100 individuals.

We are looking to continue expanding our efforts in 2024 and beyond.


Standing against domestic violence

1.2 million people aged sixteen and older in the Netherlands were victims of some form of domestic violence last year, yet only 43.000 victims reported this to the police.

Our foundation is collaborating with the RiseApp Foundation, an organisation that aims to help victims of domestic violence, stalking and cyber-bullying through an application that will facilitate the collection and submission of crucial evidence.


To be announced in Q2 2024

Two new projects are currently considered.

A selection will be made in March 2024 and announced in Q2 2024.

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